Our home should serve as a kind of refuge from the outside world rather then a continuation of it”

— Corinna Pringle Founder, Seagrass & Stone Interiors


I started Seagrass & Stone because decorating and design have always been a passion. Although my career path initially led me to teaching and working with children, my love of design began when I was a child myself. I would spend hours creating “style boards” of interiors - gluing samples, cutting out pictures from magazines, collecting swatches of fabric, sketching rooms for my “clients”. I pored over magazines of interiors and marveled at all the possibilities. On car trips I would gaze out of the window at architecture and the details that made up the aesthetic of beautiful spaces. As an adult, after the birth of my first child my husband and I bought our first house, which although beautiful, was over a hundred years old and in need of a great deal of renovation. It was through this process of renovation that I was inspired to finally turn my passion into a business. And so Seagrass & Stone was born.

  • Founding Philosophy
    I believe our home environment greatly affects our well being. We live chaotic, busy lives. In order to unwind and be recharged, our home should serve as a kind of refuge from the outside world rather then a continuation of it. Therefore, our home should not be a showroom but rather be made up of comfortable, soothing spaces. It should be organized in a way that is conducive to our lifestyle and that helps our daily routines run smoothly. Our home is also where we go to spend time with those who matter most. It should have elements of beauty and personal meaning that deliver us happiness and that inspire us daily.
  • What I like
    I am drawn to airy spaces, soft palates, and natural materials – most likely indicative of the fact that I feel most at home on a beach by the ocean. I love classic architecture and design but enjoy incorporating modern pieces that make a statement. While I love whites and neutrals, I am not afraid of color, especially as dramatic accents and through the use of eye-catching accessories, such as a graphic print on a pillow, unique artwork, or an accent wall. I have been fortunate enough to travel the world and draw inspiration from the handicrafts and architecture of many different cultures. I love incorporating artifacts and style elements from around the world into my design, especially those made of natural materials such as wood, grass, or stone.
  • What you like
    It is of utmost importance to me that your space reflect who you are and your design sensibility. Figuring that out is one of my favorite parts of the job because it is a bit like solving a puzzle. It also lets me explore all aspects of design and live vicariously through my clients. After all, the truth is, while I am more drawn to a certain aesthetic, I enjoy a vast spectrum of styles and design sensibilities. There is so much to be inspired by.
  • Children's Interiors
    Designing children's spaces is a particular passion of mine. My expertise in early childhood education, together with a strong design sensibility, gives me the perfect tools with which to create a great space for your child. Please visit kiddiewinks, my blog dedicated solely to children’s interiors for more information on what I find important and unique in the design of a child’s space.